Design & Organizing

Interior Design Services

We offer full-scale home decoration and renovation services, along with the following:

  • Home Interior Consultation (approx. 1hour) – Regardless of magnitude, all interior design services begin with an on-site consultation. Questions, ideas, and dilemmas? During this time, I can get acquainted with your personal style and budget, while we discuss furniture, accessories, paint colors, and whatever else is needed to pull your home together to become a true reflection of you. All interior design consults receive a follow-up with full email summary.
  • One-Day Redesigns – If you prefer instant gratification than the one-day redesign option is for you.  It’s a cost-effective and green way to redecorate using your own personal belongings.  We inject life back into your rooms through new furniture placement, and providing fun and new ways of using existing accessories.  First we clear the room and place furniture in an arrangement that works for you and your lifestyle. Then, we “shop,” going from room to room searching for art, lighting and accessories to complete the look. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole new home that took only one day to complete.
  • Personal Shopping – You can have all the intentions in the world, but sometimes you just lack the time to shop for your home’s needs. Or maybe you have the time, and have been searching endlessly for that one perfect piece. Either way, let’s face it…it’s time to bring in a professional. Once hired, I familiarize myself with your personal taste and budget. Then I make practical purchases that will not only infuse style into your surroundings, but will instill comfort and warmth into you personally. I can shop alone or accompany you – your choice. Just know that personal shopping services will help save you time and pricey decorating mistakes.
  • Color Consultations – I’ll guide you through the sometimes-confusing process of paint idea generation and color palette selection. We’ll work to find the affect that best meets your needs and vision – all while making your house feel like the home it should be.
  • Holiday/Party Decorating –A holiday get-together or celebratory party isn’t like any ordinary daily event, so why host your occasion in an ordinary house? Use these happenings as excuses to better your household! I’ll work my magic to trim the tree, set the table or do whatever else you need to make your affair truly memorable.

*We have a variety of interior design packages available to fit your needs. All design packages include a personal resource list (painters, donation sites, etc.). Contact Dawn for package info & pricing.



Professional Organizing Services

  • The Organizing Assessment (approx. 1hour) – From messes big to small, all organizing services begin with an on-site assessment. During this time, I’ll walk through your space to see what areas can be improved upon, and we’ll discuss your ideas, goals, and overall vision. From this, I’ll put together your personalized action plan, and will then essentially hand you the “keys” to make things happen. Use your action plan as a guide for the future to work on your space, or bring me back to implement the plan together. Either way, the important thing to note is that you’ve conquered the first, and often most difficult step on your way to change.
  • Personal Organizing – Here, we will team up and work together to sort your belongings, letting go of or recycling the things that you no longer love or need and finding homes for those items that will be staying. Using your personal action plan as our guide, we’ll work towards implementing your vision for a new, clutter-free space. You’ll be left stress-free and with room to breathe.

**We have a variety of professional organizing packages available to fit your needs. All organizing packages include a personal maintenance schedule to help keep your space clutter-free and functioning beautifully. Contact Dawn for package info and pricing.



Interior Design/Professional Organizing Combo

Sometimes you need a bit of both design and organizing to whip your space into shape. The home improvement process begins with an in-home consultation where we’ll look at both your clutter and decorating issues. Discussing your vision and goals, we will formulate a plan to set change into motion; you’ll soon be on your way to a functioning and lovely space that’s a true reflection of you and your dreams.

*** We have a variety of design/organization combo packages available to fit your needs. Contact Dawn for package info and pricing.