Seamless Transitions ™

Get your home from A to Z, stress-free and stylishly…


Things seem to be so hectic these days, with busy schedules leaving time at a premium. Throw in having to unpack a new home and you can be faced with a huge hassle! Luckily, help is a short phone call away…or even with just a few clicks. Professional organizing/design expert Dawn Falcone and her team will be by your side – turning your chaotic, box-filled home into a beautiful, livable space.


When hired to set up your interior, we do everything. From tedious unpacking that you’d rather not do, to readying the kitchen, bathrooms and other living areas. To make things easier, we’ll make beds, and even coordinate clothes and linens in your closets and drawers.


And it doesn’t stop there.

Once your belongings are unpacked and rooms are set up, we add special finishing touches in the form of expertly arranging furniture, precisely hanging artwork, and skillfully placing accessories. On the whole, we take a highly customized approach, catering to each of our clients’ needs and requirements – all to ensure you come home to a professionally organized and stylish interior space.


Soon, with the help of Dawn and her team, you’ll have no choice but to instantly feel comfortable in your new “home, sweet home”.