All I Want..Need For Christmas

December 6th, 2013

This month can we talk a bit about want vs. need?

We ask our family, friends and kids what they want for the holidays and so our shopping list & the frenzy begins.

Asking a child what they want is funny because of course it’s everything they see in the Toys R Us catalog.

I decided to simply change one little word and ask people what they NEEDED. Almost everyone had the same answer. I asked my Monkey Boy what he thought he needed this year for Christmas and it was still almost everything in the Toys R Us catalog, but he’s five so I’ll let it slide.

What did most people say they truly needed? The number one answer was “Nothing” with “A visit from you” a close second. To clarify, the visit from me includes the Monkey Boy so I’m pretty sure he’s the true attraction.

Surprised by the answers? I wasn’t.

I went through my very own Holiday Wishlist and asked myself the same question and guess what? I didn’t really need anything on my list, though my fav Sweet Mojo sugar scrub and Deepak Chopra/Oprah mediation series would do wonders for my skin & soul.

I’m not trying to get you to boycott the holidays and stop buying gifts all together. My hope is that we’ll all start practicing conscious shopping.

Conscious shopping is buying things within our means and budget so we’re not still paying the bills in May. It’s purchasing gifts that will truly be useful to the recipient, that will add to their life or that they’ll love, not just getting a gift because we have to or because it’s a good bargain.

Conscious shopping is realizing that sometimes the best present we can give a loved one is not a thing at all. Give them some of your time, an experience like tickets to a show or something made from the heart. Those are the gifts that will be remembered and cherished.

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